The Lullabies of Europe
Czech lullabies, Danish lullabies, English lullabies, Greek lullabies, Italian lullabies, Romanian lullabies and Turkish lullabies

"Languages from the Cradle" is a European Union, funded project to collect the lullabies of Europe. See the project website here

35 Lullabies in seven European languages, (Czech, Danish, English, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Turkish) with their translations and background are available for families, schools and children to use.

Lullabies in multiple languages are a perfect way to introduce new languages into a family setting. Every country has its own culture of lullabies but this project will allow you to cross the cultural divide and sing and play other wonderful lullabies in your homes and schools.

Just select a star to see the animated lullaby in that language, you can also taste a sample of the lullabies.

The Lullabies are now available for purchase
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Below you will see how you can get involved with this beautiful project

Choose a Star

The Lullabies of Europe project invites you to share in this project. A Wiki space has been created that you can join.

On the Wiki you can add your own lullabies in any language. Already we have lullabies in additional languages including:

  • Polish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Latvian
  • Asturian (Northern Spain)

You can also subscribe to the project newsletter for updates.

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