Project Missions


The mission of the Kindersite Project is:

To build a resource that can be used by teachers and adults for enhancing and motivating young children, from the age of 2 years, to:

1. Build their first technology skillset, by finding and using appropriate content on the Internet, in the form of games, stories and songs, within a safe and engaging environment.

2. To enhance the learning of English, as a first or second language, with a huge range of motivational games and tools. The content will be appropriate for young to older learners.

3. To offer academic educational researchers a tool that can measure and correlate data on children's use of content on the site, according to their research criteria. The project will incorporate a mechanism whereby the research can be followed-up offline.

The site is constantly being updated with these missions as its founding basis. For more detailed descriptions of how the site will achieve these missions please click on the following links: