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The Kindersite Project is a resource for education being utilized globally by schools, parents and libraries. Its position as a free and educationally effective tool combined with the vital academic research being undertaken in to the introduction of technology to young children and English language learners (EFL, EAL, ESL) ensures that 1,000s of users use the resource on a daily basis.

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We are extremely grateful to our sponsors for their gifts and donations and to our volunteers for the hard work and time they give to the project. Without their help the project would not be achieving so much.

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Obu Web Technologies (Websites, Marketing and hosting) http://www.obuweb.com/
Good Schools Guidw

The Good Schools Guide: UK schools resource, Information, search and links of all UK schools. Includes over 800 reviews by parents.

(Drs. Zane Berge and Mauri Collins)
Consultants in Online Distance Education and Training
  Translating Volunteers
  • Salwa Mohamed Ahmed (Arabic)
  • Dr. Mona Kanaan (Arabic)
  • Qinghua Guo (Chinese)
  • Leila Blandeyrac (French)
  • Claire Frazier (French)
  • Grit Brungraeber (German)
  • Amit Marantz (Hebrew)
  • Amelia Maria Cava (Italian)
  • Dr. Pia-Sophie Wool (Italian)
  • Mara Morosini (Italian)
  • Jolanta Rupsiene (Lithuanian)
  • Teresa Maia (Portuguese)
  • Otilia Alexandru (Romanian)
  • Elena Ivanyushenkova (Russian)
  • Nieghël Williams Quevedo (Spanish)
  • Lizzette Rodriguez (Spanish)
  • Jacob Wanyoike (Swahili)
  • Hatice Surmeli (Turkish)
Editing Volunteer
  • Hope Blecher-Sass
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