Multilingual Video Project

Kindersite Multilingual Video Project

The possibility of children creating their own videos has become real. Recently Naomi made her own video "The WebKinz Hat Show" (with minimal help) and placed it on YouTube. You can see it below.

The Multilingual video project allows Kindersite users to bring their own children to narrate the same video in their own language and for it to be placed on the Internet. The project will interweave, languages and technology to motivate and engage children. Children will be able to view the different language versions of the video and understand the words in different languages.

Adults, teachers and parents, can translate the text of the WebKinz Hat Show (download the translation template ). The children can then record the translated text in to MP3 audio files. The template and audio files are then sent to the Kindersite. The video will be updated with the new audio and placed on YouTube, the Kindersite and other video websites. Full instructions are in the Template.

A good tool for recording and then exporting as MP3 files is Audacity

Later we will extend the project to use videos created by other children. The adults will need to create templates - please contact me for help.

I hope you and the children will enjoy the project.

The WebKinz Hat Show - English

We have made a template of all the text in MS Word that you can use to translate. It also includes timings and file naming conventions.

Download translation template:

When you have completed the translation and recording please send the files to OR via or similar file transfer facility.

Please note: by sending the files you are agreeing to the content being within a Creative Commons Licence (non-commercial, share-and-share alike) permitting the Kindersite to add the audio files to the video and then place the resulting video on YouTube and embedded on the Kindersite: