Community Map & Photo Gallery


On our new Community Map you add a pin marking where you are on the planet, an image of yourself, your class, school or family. You can also add a short message. Please ensure to add a name or pseudonym (user name) to your place pin, ANONYMOUS PINS cannot be accepted.

Photo Gallery
Below the community map we are now placing images of Kindersite users. You can also add images by contacting the Kindersite directly
Please note: all images and messages will be moderated to ensure no abuse or inappropriate images are used, this will result in a delay till your details are shown on the map and in the gallery. Gallery images will also require parental permission if they include children. I am sure you understand the necessity for this moderation.



Photo Gallery
  The children of the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes of Minors Lane Elementary, Kentucky, USA enjoying the Kindersite


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