Academic Advisory Board

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The mission of The Advisory Board is to improve communications between educational professionals and the project. They will guide the project by helping, to focus the project in to a deeper and wider understanding of the needs of early-learning educational researchers and to make proposals for potential research areas.

They will be appointed by the project for the purpose of offering advice and support on a wide range of issues that are relevant to the organization, including

  • Contacts
  • Expertise
  • Perspective
  • Strategic Input

At this early-stage we have just started to build the board, details of the very first members can be found through the link above.

The role of the Advisory Board will include:

  • How to address the wider educational research community
  • Help and/or advice on applying for grants
  • Interfacing with the educational research community
  • Advice on the limitations or pitfalls for the project
  • Ensuring that concerns for the children’s privacy are correctly addressed
To achieve these ends we need the help and support from recognized experts in the fields of:
  • Early-learning research (all children)
  • Introduction of children to ICT/Technology
  • Early language acquisition (particularly bi and multi-lingualism)
  • A wide geographic base
To gain more information or express interest in joining the board please write to: