Education Games


Since the Kindersite was launched in 2003 our children have grown up. So it is time to expand the Kindersite to follow their progress with games that are suitable for an older group of students. So we have added a new section to the kindersite with content suitable for 7 to 12 year olds.

We have spent many months finding appropriate content, for this new section, that fits in to the Kindersite mission to include games that have educational value and can still engage our children.

We hope the new content fits in with the mission by including play and learning elements. Some of the content is primarily play orientated, and some more learning orientated, we hope that most of the content has both elements. Try the Educational games

About the Content

The basic criteria we used to select content is:

  • A free resource
  • Does not require registration (all the games, except 1, can be used without registration. Some of the games offer additional features if a user registers)

We have defined the content by: Subject and age

The new content includes:

  • Innovative uses of technology
  • Sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, medicine)
  • Environment
  • Mathematics
  • English (first and second language)
  • Art
  • Music
  • History
Subject - many of the items are cross curricular and can be used in more than one subject area. A few items of content, especially the Animated movie and Web comic tools could be used for almost any area of learning.

Age - defining age levels is particularly difficult. Many of the users of the Kindersite come from English language learning and the levels of competency of the students varies enormously. What is appropriate for a native English speaker age 7, may also be appropriate for an English student age 10. We have even heard instances of adult immigrants using the Kindersite.

So please understand the age suggestions within this reality and, if possible, check what your students are finding useful.

Please note: much of the content has multiple levels and comes from websites with many additional items of content. Please explore.