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News - The first samples of lullabies in 7 languages have been added to the Kindersite. These are a result of a funded education project
News - See the new community map and Photo Gallery, over 1,100 members in 31 countries. We love to see your wonderful faces.
News - The Kindersite has now received registrations from 17,108 schools and authorities in 157 countries
News - Prof. Dr. Mª Dolores Ramírez Verdugo Ph.D. (Autonomous University of Madrid) has recently had a refereed research published, on using the Kindersite for ESL
News - Kindersite Project wins funding for 7 European Union Education projects

The Kindersite is designed for kinder, child-care, preschool, kindergartens, elementary, primary schools and Special needs plus homeschool, libraries and the home. In fact everywhere where young children access computers.

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Kindersite Projects

The Kindersite is extremely pleased to announce that we have been selected by the European Community, Directorate-General for Education and Culture for seven Socrates projects in education. Further details and links will be available about these projects as they develop.

EduComic project will develop web based comics as an alternative instructional medium for learning about literacy and scientific concepts by writing, designing, and publishing original web comic books.
ARGuing project will build a methodology for educators to use digital technology to create and communicate. The project will construct a Alternate Reality Game communication tool for international, multilingual, peer student, communities. Website
Chain Stories - The Chain Stories project in for students, in their first year of language learning, can enjoy creative writing in their mother tongue. They then pass on their story to other schools, within a chain, for completion. Website
Lullabies from the Cradle - collecting italian lullabies, czech lullabies, romanian lullabies,english lullabies,greek lullabies, turkish lullabies,danish lullabies to stimulate language learning Website
Autonomous Language Learning - is building Blended Learning language courses in four European languages (Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian). Website
Don't Give Up - Too many adult language learners drop-out of language courses, the Dont Give Up project offers language schools, course designers and students 101 ways to learn a foreign language successfully. Website
TOOL for Online and Offline Language Learning - is building Blended Learning language courses in five European languages (Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Maltese, Slovene).. Website
Participating Schools, Home Schools, Parents
See all the schools, parents and homeschool families (Countries only) that have registered on the Kindersite, includes 17,108 schools in 157 countries

See the 333 Participating kindergartens, Preschools, Special and ESL/EFL schools in 50 countries by clicking here OR Home Educators and Parents participating (in 11 countries)

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Kathryn Owen, Deaf and hard of hearing teacher, South Ocala Elementary, Florida

I use your website with my K/1st grade students. I use it with both profoundly deaf and heard of hearing students. The phonics and phonemic awareness games are wonderful incorporated with the stories. The stories and some games are just as wonderful to use with deaf students because of the animation and cause and effect that occurs when they click on the pictures in the story. I use your website on my Smartboard which means that I can do an entire lesson or lessons on your website. I am able to read with and to the kids while participating or getting them to participate in activities.

Suzanne Ragghianti, Sheltered English Kindergarten Teacher, International Community School, California, USA

After being very disappointed in software others at my school purchased for kinder, I was delighted to check out nearly 100 games on the Kindersite that fit the needs of my students!

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